Myndtown Church

St John the Baptist Church dates from the 12th Century or earlier, reflected in its Grade II* status. it is considered to be unique as a country church (not only within Shropshire, but within the whole country) as it was not “spoilt” by Victorian restoration and retains its thoroughly rural, simple (almost primitive) look and feel. Once a substantial medieval village, the hamlet of Myndtown now has only the former rectory and a farmhouse with its barns.

The church was on Historic England’s Buildings at Risk Register and a number of Quinquennial inspections had stated that much urgent work needed doing. However, with only 11 services a year and a small congregation, this work could not be afforded. In 2015 the PCC were advised that the roof needed urgent work doing to it, at a cost of some £10,000. However, it soon became apparent that it was going to cost a great deal more than that and that the PCC needed to take in hand the work that needed to be done on other parts of the building, including substantial masonry and timber repairs throughout.

It was resolved to apply to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant to enable the church to undertake all the work; the application was accepted in October 2015. During the renovation major discoveries were made relating to the historic provenance of the bells, one of which is dated 12th century and the other 16th century, and the roof – which after dendro dating proved to be around late 12th to early 13th century, albeit modified later.