Private House, Shropshire

This project is located in South Shropshire in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The client has resided there for some years, but felt the need for a house more appropriate to their future needs, in essence a home for life and their current property could not be adapted to suit this purpose.

They therefore decided to convert and extend two former service buildings located on the site, linking the two structures and creating a courtyard development all on one level and designed to be disabled accessible in the future. The scheme design was developed taking into account a very precise brief from the client and required careful development over some period of time. We also consulted carefully with the Local Authority Planning and Conservation Officers due to the sensitivity of the site. It was agreed at an early stage that in order that the original buildings retain their character, a contemporary approach would be taken to the extension; the design and materiality of which was very carefully considered. The project has now been lodged for Planning Permission.