St. Mary Church, Acton Burnell

St. Mary’s Church in Acton Burnell near Shrewsbury is a Grade I Listed building, constructed towards the end of the 13th Century by Robert Burnell who became Lord Chancellor of England and later Bishop of Bath and Wells. Its cruciform plan consists of a nave with a North Porch, a Chancel, North and South Chapels / Transepts and a square tower between the North Transept and the Chancel.

In 2010 we undertook the preparation of drawings and specifications for the complete overhaul of the cast iron rainwater goods produced by the Coalbrookdale Company in the late 19th Century; the re-roofing of the south slope of the Nave, the east slope of the South Transept and the south slope of the Chancel. A serious problem of rising damp as well as water penetration into stone through defective gutters had to be urgently addressed. A new French drain system was therefore installed to improve below ground water drainage along the perimeter of the Church. The gutter and valley layouts were also improved to facilitate rainwater drainage at roof level.

The project was the subject of a grant offer from English Heritage/ Heritage Lottery Fund.