St. Michael & All Angels’ Church, Alberbury 

St Michael & All Angels Church is at its core a 12th and 13th Century church which like many Shropshire churches received significant upgrade and alteration in the 19th century. Its construction is of local red sandstone (Cardeston Breccia) under clay tile roof coverings and was originally collegiate before becoming parochial. It is closely associated with Loton Park – with its substantial Loton chapel – and the adjacent Alberbury Castle, now ruinous.

An initial feasibility study was undertaken for a series of potential improvements to the church that would better serve users of the 21st Century: one of the key driving points of the study was to explore ways of retaining the hard earned heat within the nave to make the church goers more comfortable in colder months, along with providing a more universal means of access and WC/wash facilities again for all abilities.

The construction of a new entrance porch started on site in June 2020, at the height of the Covid pandemic and was completed after 15 months.